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Privacy Policy

HEIGHT INCREASE COACH, (“we” or “Website”) respects the importance of the privacy of your personal information. This Privacy Policy shall outline the Website’s current policy on personal information concerning members, consumers, and covers the operations of our Website and business development. Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are to be specifically responsible for our compliance of our Website with the privacy principles. Their responsibilities include making sure that the Website, our employees and third parties who process personal information on our behalf comply with these principles.

We encourage you to read this whenever you visit our Website, since we may change this policy from time to time. A copy of the current policy is always posted at www.heightincreasecoach.com/privacy.

When you access, request or use the services from us, you agree to these terms. You may refuse or withdraw your consent at any time; however, we may not then be able to provide you with our full range of services. You may not use the Website if you do not agree to the Privacy Policy.

We collect the user’s personal data, such as name, email address, personal account preferences, transactional data, such as purchase information and technical data, such as information about cookies to identify customers, to communicate with them, to protect the Website and its customers against error and fraud, to understand what services our customers want, to provide information about our services to our customers, as required or permitted by law. We also collect photos, if the users are willing to share them with us and those photos are also protected under the terms of this Policy. 

By submitting your personal information to us, you are consenting to the processing of your personal information in India and to our use of your personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you are submitting personal information of third parties to us, on whose behalf you are acting, you warrant and represent you have their consent to provide their personal information to us and will hold us harmless from and against claims by such individuals relating to our processing and use of such personal information within the terms of this privacy policy. If you are submitting personal information of someone below the age of 18 years, you warrant and consent that you are their legal guardian and shall solely act in their interest and will hold us harmless from and against claims by such individuals upon them turning 18 years or above, relating to our processing and use of such personal information within the terms of this privacy policy.


We collect your information only for the purposes stated above and after ensuring that we have sufficient consent form the user to store such information. We use personal information you provide for particular activities related to our business, including, without limitation, Height Increase Plan processing; credit card or electronic payment processing for those Plans; marketing and research; responding to your requests; providing service, promotional and other information to you; and to contact you regarding administrative notices. We may use and disclose an individual’s personal information only for the purposes stated above, or to disclose it for lawful access to Indian courts or governmental authorities. Our service providers are not authorized to use or disclose personal information for any purpose other than providing the services on our behalf or as otherwise required by applicable law. We do not disclose personal information concerning our customers to anyone else and we do not permit anyone else to use personal information about our customers for any purpose without the customer’s consent, except as set out in this Privacy Statement. We keep personal information about individuals for as long as we need it to fulfil our stated purposes or as otherwise required by law. Where payments are involved, we must release your debit and credit card information to credit card authorization service providers and associated banks to process your payment for purchases. 


The Website may contain links to other websites. Additionally, other Websites may contain links to this Website. We do not review or monitor the websites linked to our Website and are not responsible for the contents or privacy policies related to any other websites. If you visit one of these other websites, you may want to review the privacy policy on that website. Where this Website contains a link to another website, such website use may be subject to different and additional terms of service and privacy policy terms and conditions.


We strive to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the personal information in our databases and to keep that information up-to-date. We encourage you to promptly update your personal information if it changes. You may request a copy of the personal information we have about you. All communications must be in the English language. We will respond to reasonable requests within a reasonable time limit. For your protection, we may ask you for additional information to verify your identity. In most cases, we will provide the information you request and correct or delete any inaccurate personal information you discover. 


We take what we believe to be reasonable precautions and have implemented managerial and technical procedures to try to protect the security of data and information, including personal information. However, we cannot guarantee against any loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, or alteration or destruction of data or personal information. You provide your personal information to us at your own risk. 

You acknowledge that:

  1. there are security and privacy limitations in computer systems and on the Internet which are beyond our control;
  2.  the security, integrity, and privacy of any and all information and data exchanged between you and us through the Website, including personal information, cannot be guaranteed; and
  3. any such information and data, including personal information, may be viewed or tampered with by a third party while such information or data is being used, transmitted, processed, or stored.


We keep your personal information only as long as we need it for the purposes for which it was originally collected (or to which you have subsequently consented) or for other legitimate purposes (such as regulatory compliance), or as permitted by applicable law.


We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy, completely or in part, from time to time and without giving any notice to you that this Privacy Policy has changed. You expressly waive any right to receive Notices. You should check the Website frequently to identify modifications of the Privacy Policy that may be of interest to you. We will collect and use your personal information only in the manner and for the uses set forth above. 


We provide individuals with access to the personal information about him or her that we have in our possession, subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law. Individuals may request access to their personal information in our possession by contacting our privacy team in writing at the contact information noted above. An individual may also request updating or the correction of inaccuracies in their personal information. In the event that the individual demonstrates that the information that we have in our possession is inaccurate or incomplete, we will make any appropriate changes.


If you have a complaint concerning our collection or use of your personal information, please contact at contact@heightincreasecoach.com

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