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I am Nachiketa.

I am here to help and guide you in your journey to growing tall. Irrespective of your age you can grow as tall as you want as long as you are willing to put in the hard work. Seriously, I mean it. In my programs I will give you some tried-and-tested nutrition plans and exercises, along with some of my best tips to help you grow as tall as you want, as soon as possible.

But who am I to be telling you this? Well, I am an engineer by qualification, a yoga teacher, and the founder of Sampoorna Yoga – a world-renowned, first-class, private yoga teacher-training center located in Goa, India. My mother is only 4'11" tall, and my father 5'5". As per genetics, I should also be in that height range. But guess what? I used the same techniques that I share with you in the height increase program to become 5'10" !

My Height Story

“Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes.”

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Not everyone understands how it feels to be short, but I do. I understand your pain and struggle for increased height, because I used to be really short myself. Here is my story…

The year was 1990. There was no internet and I lived in a small village where the entire neighborhood shared one newspaper. There was a rich farmer who had one black-and-white TV set, and the entire village would get together in the evenings and watch a TV serial or movie.

I was already 17 years old, a 5’ 4” student in 11th grade – and I was almost five to ten inches shorter than most of my classmates. I was born to short parents: my father was 5’5” and my mother was 4’11”. Since I only reached the shoulders of my classmates, they appeared like giants ready to crush me under their feet if I ever offended them. I decided to be polite and friendly as a defence strategy. I was afraid of not growing tall enough; I lacked confidence because of it and felt helpless.

Then one day, a junk collector came to our house and I found a small book in his collection that contained instructions on how to increase my height. I started following the tips given in it and I did everything from bike-riding, jump ropes, and stretches. I honestly don’t remember reading any tips about nutrition in the book, but it did not matter anyway, since our family income was extremely low and we ate whatever was available in the kitchen. My diet consisted of mostly chai and chapatti (traditional Indian tea and bread) with pickle and rice for breakfast; dal and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

I started putting 100% focus on increasing my height after finding that book at 17 years old, and I continued until the age of 21. I finally reached 5’10”. My intense effort over four years enabled me to gain six inches!! Six inches is not very much, but it is much better than nothing at all…

Make Me Taller

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